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Introducing The Panel Dock!

Bringing Modular Construction Capabilities to ALL Builders

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The Installation Process

How it Works & What to Expect

Elements Aligned’s Adjustable Panel Hanger System -- "The Panel Dock" -- allows Builders to create demountable walls with the personnel already on site.  No proprietary installers are required.
How it Works IMG 1
Architect collaborates on design with Panel Manufacturer.
How it Works IMG 2
Elements Aligned determines and bids system hardware.
Panel Manufacturer bids panels.
How it Works IMG 3
Architect produces shop drawings. Elements Aligned produces installation instructions.
How it Works IMG 4
Contractor/Owner places order:
 Hangers Accessories > 2 weeks
Panels > 4-6 weeks
How it Works IMG 5
Elements Aligned training staff perform on-site Hanger/C-Clip placement training
(for new Contractors).
How it Works IMG 6
MEP inspections are completed and panels are placed by
General Contractor or
Installation Company.
The Panel Dock


For Architects and General Contractors

  • Utilize imperfect, conventional framing to create demountable spaces – thereby keeping modular interiors within your scope of work and under your control.
  • Keep MEP trades and carpenters on site throughout the project – no need to empty the job site for proprietary modular installers.
  • Improve LEED certification scores, reduce labor costs, and eliminate waste/mess during the initial project and subsequent renovations.
  • Chop weeks off construction schedules during post-inspection close-in/cladding.
  • Integrate beautiful panel-based design into your existing build-out.
  • Incorporate modular design much later in the project cycle (i.e. – not as integrated/disruptive because framing is able to proceed regardless of decision to use drywall vs. panels).
Benefits of Elements Aligned Image of Architect & Contractor
Benefits of Elements Aligned Image of Small Building

For Panel Manufacturers / Installers

  • Expand your market beyond permanently-installed wall cladding to include demountable interiors.
  • Increase your scope of work/revenue by completing projects faster.

For Owners / Developers

  • Create easily re-configurable spaces for 25% less than the cost of leading modular wall systems that require their own proprietary frames and installers.
  • Relocate to newly-renovated areas without disassembling existing spaces; other modular wall companies have to displace people presently occupying the existing space before starting construction in the new space. With EA’s Adjustable Panel Hangers, leave panels in place until the moment that the new space is ready to receive them.
Benefits of Elements Aligned – For Owners & Developers Image of Office Building

Project Types

Commercial Project Types – Healthcare
Commercial Project Types – Education
Commercial Project Types – Industrial
Commercial Project Types – Office

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of panels can be secured with EA’s Adjustable Panel Dock system?
Is there a specific gauge/brand of steel stud on which the Panel Dock works?
How are spaces around and between panels addressed?
What ensures that demountable panels will not detach from studs?
Where are the Adjustable Panel Hangers manufactured?
What reveal size between panels is achievable, and how are reveals filled?


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